žlikrofi Recipe

Cut through the pasta between each ball to give individual pieces. 1 tbsp chives 3 slices bacon 3 potatoes 12 onion 2.

Idrijski Zlikrofi A True Speciality Of Idrija Food Slovenian Food Food Guide

Drain carefully and serve hot.

žlikrofi recipe. To je jed ki me je in me še vedno spremlja ob pomembnih dogodkih kot so razne obletnice praznovanja slavja. Traditionally they used to be served with a special mutton and vegetable sauce called bakalca. His very elaborate recipe used poached chicken cutlets and a smaller amount of sauteed beef chuck cooked separately and then chopped in a food processor.

Roll the dough place the filling on it roll the dough over the filling press down between the filling and. Vse sestavine se dobro premešajo in hitro ugnetejo tako da se dobi voljno zmes. Recipe for the preparation of around 150 idrijski žlikrofi enough to satisfy the whole family.

Moreover if your žlikrofi will have to wait a couple of hours or more before they are cooked cover them with a cloth so that the ears dont get too dry. Only one portion of žlikrofi can be cooked at a time which will keep the water temperature up. The history of one of.

Add salt and fat greaves lard fried bacon to the mashed potato. Idrija žlikrofi filling is made of boiled potatoes mashed while still warm. Boil the zlikrofi in salted boiling water for 2 minutes then drain in a colander.

Ground pork salt and pepper to taste 12 t. V zadnjem primeru jih zabelimo z ocvirki ali postrežemo z mesno oziroma. Then add fried onions herbs and spices marjoram chives pepper and salt.

Well I still wasnt prepared to cook whole chunks of meat from scratch. Water or milk. I think this is Slovenian žlikrofi the way my mother used to make it even though she never used that name around us.

Traditionally prepared in western Slovenia namely the town of Idrija this popular pasta dish can be described as a variety of ravioli. Make an indentation on the top of each zlikrofi to give a bow shape. To serve place six zlikrofi in each bowl and drizzle over the sauce.

Put žlikrofi in salty boiling water gently stir and cover with a lid. Žlikrofi are made with two layers of thin pasta dough wrapped around the filling and apart from their charming shape resembling a bicorne hat their authentic potato filling is even more distinctive. The žlikrofi are a native speciality of Idria quite common in the Trieste Karst.

Up to 300g white flour 1-2 eggs oil water or milk as necessary. They are cooked when they start to float and water starts boiling again. Žlikrofi recipe uses two layers of thin pasta dough wrapped around the filling which is a small mashed potato ball and then resembling a shape of a bicorne hat.

As for what my mother thinks read on. Ground beef 12 lb. Nadev za idrijske žlikrofe se pripravi iz kuhanega krompirja ki se še topel pretlači.

Many variations especially with cheese and sometimes with stuffing of raisins pine nuts pieces of roast that remind the varied range of carnic agnolotti. Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix all together to get a thick paste. 500g potatoes up to 50g minced lard or chopped smoked bacon up to 50g onion.

But I agreed with him about the onion. And I took one important seasoning addition from his recipe. Now you can make žlikrofi as in previous recipes.

Add in a dash of water - but not too much. Make sure the dough is nice and compact with no air bubbles. Once its come together knead the dough for 5-10 mins then roll into a ball to rest for 30 mins.

To cook them prepare a big pot with lots of water. Fresh parsley chopped 1 T. If you are cooking them fresh they are basically cooked when they float to the surface.

Idrijski žlikrofi - Recipe. Chives black pepper salt marjoram. Almost a circle that ideally closes the region.

Mix the flour eggs and oil with a little salt. Kdo še ni slišal zanje. 1 medium onion chopped 1 clove garlic minced 4 T.

Mix your flour egg a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of water in a large bowl and knead it on a floured surface until the dough no longer stick to your hands. Well mix together all ingredients and quickly knead into a soft mixture. Nato se primeša pražena čebula in začimbe majaron drobnjak poper sol.

Paprika 1 egg beaten 3 T. Pretlačenemu krompirju se doda sol in maščobo ocvirki zaseka pražena slanina. The dough should be soft flexible and just slightly sticky to the touch.

Pravi idrijski žlikrofi. Kadar kje objavijo recept takoj preverim če je originalen tak kot mora biti po vseh pravilih pravih. Classic Slovenian dish featuring dumplings with lamb stew that originated in IdrijaŽlikrofi Ingredients.

Idrijski žlikrofi so znana slovenska kulinarična posebnost ki jo lahko ponudimo kot toplo predjed prilogo ali samostojno jed.

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