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The main ingredient for spaghetti recipes. Contribute to tgstationtgstation development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Recipe Ingredients Notes Spaghetti 5 Units of Flour.

Tg station chemistry recipes. This is also a small service to servers using old tgcode which is still widely used. Note that some chemicals listed here can be found in Medical Vendors or in Medbay Storage at the start of the round. What could it be.

Ageinium - Nicotine Tea Acetone Chocolate Formaldehyde 42315 K. This is currently quite inaccurate use it as a guideline but apply common sense. Power To the Players.

A cherry flavored milkshake. Required for the proper function of cryogenics. 1 part Dexalin 1 part Oxygen 1 part Water Effects.

To prevent confusion amongst returning players some old recipesnames removed from tg are still be visible in the Removed Medicines section. A goon admin was nice enough to make Recipe Manager for tg and goon recipes. Head to the Tank Storage Unit grab a Plasma Tank and an Oxygen Tank and load them into one of the white Portable Scrubbers and empty your tanks completely of Plasma and Oxygen respectively.

Put the empty blue tank in the Tritium Pump set the target pressure to 850 kPa set direction to In and turn on the pump. Can not react in a body. Boiled Spaghetti 5 units of Water 1 Spaghetti.

Grab seeds for Ambrosia Vulgaris. Set it to 30 units then add Phosphorus Radium and Ammonia. Press SHIFTB to set your target reagent output and the inputs will change from part to ml.

Makes 5 parts instead of 3. A delicious sauce created with a secret non-static recipe. Unless specified otherwise its presumed youre using a 120u container such as a large beaker for mixing.

Thats how you make unstable mutagen. Cherry Shake NA 1 part ice 1 part cream 1 part cherry jelly. Put it in the chemistry dispenser be it at chemistry or in the backroom of your department.

Also you have to know which reagents youre searching for which means poking around github until you figure out what each reagent is. It heals all types of damage including clone damage very swiftly but only when in a very cold environment. This page contains recipes for mixing the chemicals in TGMC.

Mix_sound soundchemistrycatalystogg reaction_tags REACTION_TAG_MODERATE REACTION_TAG_UNIQUE REACTION_TAG_CHEMICAL. Chocolate NA 5 parts water 1 part Coco Powder Tasty. 50 rows This can be added to anything that holds chemicals and will tell you the temperature.

Anima - Strange Reagent Changeling Blood Ectoplasm Blood Liquid Dark Matter mix on alchemy circle Booster Enzyme - Strange Reagent Diethylamine Carbon Ethanol Hydrogen Sulfur Oxygen 37315 K. The tgstation branch of SS13. Plant them then take your beaker out of the grinder.

Copypasta 2 Tomato Pasta Make this and the wrath of the Coderbus will descend upon you. Recipes for reagent ingredients are now always shown in each recipe rather than being tooltips. Soap 10 parts Lye 1 part Sodium 1 part Hydrogen 1 part Oxygen 10 parts Liquid Gibs Temperature 374K Creates a bar of soap 10 faster cleaning than with what you get on the station.

Optional catalysts for ALL medicine reactions. Tomato Pasta 5 units of Water 1 Spaghetti 2 Tomatoes Dont put it in your pockets. TG and other opensource code bases probably have the reagents recipes buried in the code but thats technically cheating.

Restores chemicals for changelings. Heats up if frozen Chocolate Milk NA 3 parts Hot Coco 2 parts Coco Powder under 300K temperature.

Tg Station Chemistry

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Tg Station Chemistry

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Tg Station Chemistry

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