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Spell Research Priest Spell Recipes. If you have a bent towards folding metals.

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Smithing has about 2000 total recipes that you have to learn in order to reach 350.

Eq recipes smithing. Equipment of the Ethernere from Scribe Zikett Tradeskill Books in Plane of Knowledge The list of recipes include. Brewing Ribbon Dye Recipes. What you may not have noticed is that it is excellent for creating powerful weapons and armor.

Beginning Smithing Skill 1-26 Before doing anything else purchase the two blacksmithing books available at Armor by Ikthar. Conflagrant Athame 510 Trivial Once you have all of the required items combine them together in a Forge Guild Forge or Tanaan Forge. Although not all recipes are correct they are very handy as reference guides.

Then replace Put your name here with your name. The Fill is used in a Tailoring recipe thats at 170 trivial I would recommend you just vendor the Fulginate Fill in all honesty. 1 inside EverQuest type outputfile recipes 2 click the Browse button and select the file --Recipestxt in your EQ folder 3 click the Upload button and see a list of all recipes you havent learned yet they will help you get to 350.

All smithing recipes are learned by scribing this book. If you havent learned this recipe yet it. Equipment of the Ethernere.

Weapons Plate Armor Chain Armor Shields Non-Visible Armor Back Shoulders Waist. All of these recipes count towards reaching 350 Smithing. Spell Research Ribbon Recipes.

Some of you may have noticed this essence of ethernere that has been appearing. 1 Brimstone Coal 1 Metal Tempering Chemicals 1 Chain Mold 1 Smithy Hammer 1-3 Vanadium Ore number depends on which slot. Smithing Quest Chain Recipes.

To help with the new TS AAs introduced with EoK It is already formatted in the Compact Printer view to make it easy to copy. If you arent sure how to copy it see the information under the tab for Tips on Working with Spreadsheets. 1 Brimstone Coal 1 Metal Tempering Chemicals 1 Plate Mold 1 Smithy Hammer 1-3 Vanadium Ore number depends on which slot Vanadium Chain Templates smithing.

You can also find more information on skilling up a particular tradeskill in the Learn section of this website. 15 rows Call of the Forsaken. Files are an easy to make item with the Smithing Profession and are commonly used as an ingrendient in dozens of different recipes.

Be sure to check out the Smithing Instructions tab on the checklist. The recipes for all items not included on this page are. If youre just looking to hit 350 with Smithing then you should make one of everything on this page.

Youll only need to make this tool a single time and youll. This recipe is learned as Ecian Ice Gears. Call of the Forsaken Smithing Recipes are learned from scribing the book titled.

Recipe Name Trivial Classes Expansion. For a more complete recipe listing including those with unknown trivials please use the normal recipe pages. Planes of Power Smithing Recipes.

Simply X off the recipes you have done just like I did and it will automatically update the information at the top. Smithing This page includes only those items for which we have confirmed trivials. Vanadium Plate Templates smithing.

Its a total slog of a Tradeskill and I recommend you take small and manageable bites so you dont completely overwhelm yourself. The new Tradeskill Book for Smithing is listed in detail below. Small Brick of Opal High Quality Steel Small Piece 31.

Or can at least bend a steel bar in your bare hands smithing could be the craft for you. 4 for each recipe you can find its detail on EQTraders or Zam. Fulginate Fill 112 Trivial This is one of the two recipes I recommend making with Fulginate Fill to level up Smithing.

Borik Darkanvil POK. One unique property of the File is its never consumed in any of the recipes that its used for I have never even seen the File accidentally break either. I have a few guides below which will help you cut.

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