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Bromide to restrict fogging too much will restrict development as well. A variation of the Caffenol recipe includes adding the Vitamin C to it.

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Water were measured using precision scales.

Caffenol c recipe. It helps reduce developing time and adds overall contrast to the negative. Now that you have everything you need lets make our caffenol. 4 tsp arm and hammer washing soda 112 tsp of Vit.

The work that I see from some of the photographers there. And all you do is add ½ teaspoon of Vitamin C powder or a 1000 mg tablet to the recipe of Caffenol given above. Martina John follow here the same mixing order of Reinholds recipes but in the next recipe that they call Caffenol CM-RS they change the order.

Wait until each agent is dissolved completely. Soda and KBr were acquired from a vendor of chemicals the soda sold explicitly as being waterfree. Vitamin C increases the effectiveness of the coffee developer.

160 ml coffee or 40 gramms Dissolve one after the other in the given order. Caffenol is a liquid concoction made out of instant coffee crystals washing soda and water. I started the sheets of film off in plain tap water first as a pre wash for about 5 minutes.

100 ml washing-soda or 54 gramms 3. 500 ml fresh water I use filtered tap water 8g washing soda. 8 g of soda 5 g of ascorbic acid 05 g of KBr 20 g of instant coffee.

Adgitating for the first minute and then flipping the sheets over 3 times every minute after. C powder 12 tsp iodized salt 5 rounded tsp chep instant coffee This last recipe shall develope in just 11 minutes. This chemical combination can be used to develop film and is actually a much more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to other harmful.

Caffenol Stand makes 50oml. Mix 150 ML of cold water with six heaping teaspoons of your instant coffee heaping not leveled. Starting point for 1 2 exposure of ISO 400 films I recommend around 40-50 min.

Sometimes people add vitamin C to the mix and call it Caffenol-C or sometimes just caffenol. I just thought I would add this for. 16 ml vitamin-C or 16 gramms 4.

Stir with a spoon until all the coffee crystals are dissolved. Adjust according to exposure indexprevisualized contrast Caffenol C-LS. The ingredients for 500 ml of demin.

Into the rinse of just plain water for about 10 minutes. 5g Vitamin C powder. 1 litre water 2.

It was developed with Caffenol C stand development for 40 mins at 25C agitation for the first minute. Step-by-Step Caffenol Recipe. Then in the Caffenol-C for 14 minutes.

Then it was stopped in vinegar and fixed in sea salt solution for 48h. Caffeafine two step developer 240ml Water 7 rounded Teaspoons of Instant Coffee 100ml Water 4 Teaspoons of Washing Soda 2 Teaspoons of Vitamin C Put the Coffee mix into the developing tank agitate once per second for the first minute. It is known as Caffenol-C.

Below is the recipe I use. Absolutely Caffenol C-M can be used for 35mm film as well as 8mm motion film and the process is the same I have shot some 35mm Kodachrome II K-12 process film myself and processed it in Caffenol though used the Delta formula instead of C-M formula the only difference between Delta and C-M being different proportions of the 3 ingredients. Caffenol works well for stand development and is one of my favourites.

This explains the 3 main recipes used for developments using Caffenol complete with speeds of film and agitation instruction. Recipe for 1 litre Caffenol-C-M means for m edium fast 100 ASA films adjust yourself for other quantities 1. Im also fortunate to be a part of an amazing Caffenol Facebook group.

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