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Recipe Book Requires Patchoulli Mod. Get to know how to cook and use recipes to combine different materials for more immersion inside Minecraft.

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This mod contains more recipes like.

More recipes mod minecraft. MoreCraft Mod 11651152 adds many items and blocks designed to fit within Minecraft theme. This mod lets you gain experience points from the act of making food. Version 220 is out for Minecraft 1710.

Uploaded Mar 7 2020. Show Recipes Click Item or type R Show Uses. Enchanted Golden Apple 2.

JEI is an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft built from the ground up for stability and performance. This mod adds three so far recipes to the game. The NotEnoughItems mod is the same TooManyItems but with its own features that make it much better and indispensable along with global mods.

Its a whole new experience. Leather Horse armor 5. This mod is meant to expand Minecraft significantly while at the same time tweaks Minecraft without destroying the vanilla feeling.

If you like crafting non-trivial food recipes this mod is for you. Hover over item U Toggle Item List Overlay. This mod also enables you to craft things that are creative only items you cant obtain in survival items which require silk touch and much more.

With this mod you can see crafting recipes for any thing in Minecraft game and even things from mods by pressing the R key pre cursor pointing at it you can configure this key in the settings. Filename More Recipes Mod 1122jar. Right-Click Item or type U.

Home Minecraft Mods More Recipes Mod Minecraft Mod. Some Recipes are experimental What This Datapack adds so far-Recipes. Manslaughter777 This mod adds more crafting recipes in Minecraft.

Craftable All horse armors. -Sweet Berries With Honey 8 Sweet Berries 1 Honey Bottle. Brown Mushroom block 3.

Adds some more recipes to minecraft. Add 12 new recipes to your world each one of this recipes will give a different effect. Each recipe requires different materials to be made this way the food acquires more uses thanks to the fact that it can be combined.

Adds new recipes for vanilla items makes more vanilla items stackable. The mods target audience is anyone who plays Minecraft for its farms and food crafting particularly if you play in peaceful or easy modes and could use alternate sources of experience points Xp besides mining. Its actually just for fun but it has some usefull recipes in it.

- Recipe for Mossy Stone Cobblestone Vines - Recipe for Gold Record Empty Coal Glowstone Dust - Recipe for Green Record Empty Coal Slimeball. All potions in this mod are brewed in the vanilla Brewing Stand with vanilla items and have the standard splash lingering and arrow variants. This is a Utility Data pack.

Extra Alchemy Mod 11651152 aims to enlarge minecraft brewing system with more useful potions. Rotten Flesh to Leather. New recipes for existing blocks and items i was useing mcreator link Download mod now.

Also provides an extensive config file. The Minecraft Mod more recipes mod was posted by klaes. Chainmail - used to craft Chainmail Armor.

This mod also adds practicality to eating food as you can use them restore your HP and your Hunger meter. Hover over item R Show Uses. I am NOT working on this mod anymore.

Red Mushroom block 4. No More Recipe Conflict Mod 11221112 allows multiple recipes sharing the same crafting layout to be crafted the player being able to choose using either a cycle button or a new key binding. Uploaded Dec 20 2018.

About Recipes and More. The recipes this mod adds are. Glass doors Enderman dropping blocks on death Edible squids Muttons Lots more.

How many recipes are conflicting is also displayed. Minecraft Options - Controls Show Recipes. Please do NOT ask for updates.

Craftable Bottle o Enchanting. I still have to make more recipes like command blocks and more spawn eggs Download mod now.

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