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But what it lacks in material it more than makes up for in fish caught. Straight-eye dry fly hook here a Dai-Riki 310 size 18-24.

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If you havent tied or fished the RS2 youre missing out.

Rs2 recipe. I tie them in sizes 24 thru 18. Tying the Fatal Attractor. Tie in the antron bunch with the burned sealed end toward the front of the hook.

Attach the RS2 to a piece of 6X or 7X tippet material about 2 feet behind the sighter dry. Light olive Superfine Dubbing. Its not much just thread a thin tail and a wispy wing.

Add to Cart 100 Customer Satisfaction. Rim Chungs website and RS2 Tying Instructions. Olive 60 or 140 denier.

When I guided on the South Platte River it seemed that at least one of my clients always had an RS2 on and I would bet that half of the fish my clients caught were victims of this fly. Tim Flagler produces must-see fly tying and fishing instructional videos. You have to unspin the thread by spinning the bobbin a couple times counterclockwise.

Light olive Superfine Dubbing. Has been our commitment since 1856. It is an effective mayfly imitation from the bottom to the top as it constantly performs well in a variety of conditions.

Two white or dun Microfibbets. Confidence in a pattern can make all the difference and I have a. Many of you have asked me to make corrections updates and additions.

Straight-eye dry fly hook here a Dai-Riki 310 size 18-24. A must have emerger fly pattern for any trout fisherman. Start the thread at the 80 point and wrap over the tag end to the bend of the hook.

Apply dubbing to the thread. Welcome to the Official RS2 Home Page. Micro-fibbet tail and normally rabbit under fur for the body.

If you arent happy with a product or service we want. Olive 60 or 140 denier. Unfortunately raw green bananas and green banana flour are some of the highest RS2-containing foods on the list see below.

The RS2 is a very adaptable fly. RS2 Fly from Tightline Productions on Vimeo. Cut the butt ends of the tails and the tag end flush at the 80 point.

Its who we are. The perfect worm fly. During non-hatch periods or during the initial stage of a hatch you can fish the RS2 off a.

Tie two Microfibetts in at the bend of the hook so they are about a shank length long. The RS2 is a fly that works better than it should if were basing things on looks alone. So after years of only minor changes the RS2 Home Page has received a facelift.

However when they are cooked at a temperature higher than 180 degrees F the RS2 becomes digestible and the banana or green banana flour loses nearly all. Fly Tying the RS2 Step 3 Pull the tag end of the thread up between the tails to separate them and tie the tag end down with a few tight wraps. Do me a favor and next time youre getting your butt handed to you on the water tie on an RS2 and see if you cant turn your luck around.

RS2 What Youll Need Hook Standard Nymph 14- 20 or 200 R Thorax Antron Thread UTC 70 color to match body olive Tail Dun hackle fibers use about 8 to 12 strands Wing CDC white or gray Body Thread STEP 1 Start your thread at the front of the hook a little. Using an RS2 as a dropper off a dry fly is a great way to keep the fly in the film. Leave the tag hanging on top of the shank.

Wrap the dubbing on the hook over the antron forming a tapered body all the way up to behind the bead. One question we frequently get is tips on tying in the tails. The RS2 one of the patterns we reccommend to incorporate into that selection.

You can create incredible variations by switching materials for the tail body and wing. I tie them with a foam wing at times but mostly use the fluff at the bottom of a partridge feather. Attach a small piece of tungsten putty or a split shot about 2 feet above the RS2 fly.

Its a great Blue-winged Olive emerger pattern during these blustery fall days and again in the spring before the weather really warms up. This will cause it to sink slowly. 42 out of 5 Customer Rating size.

Tying The RS2 Step 1 of 6. 249 Item 067T. If you see a rise anywhere close to your main dry fly set the hook as theres a good chance the fish ate the RS2.

For 12 years the old RS2 Home Page titled Nymphing with the RS2 Fly remained largely unchanged. Two white or dun Microfibbets. The RS2 is great emergerit might be the best emerger ever tied.

But its a beast to tieI refuse to defame the fly by even trying anymore. October 20 2020 By. Gray Black and Olive in that order.

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