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Shape up small oval shaped chunks with your hands. Divide the dough in 4 portions shape each as a small ball.

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Let the rounds rest covered on a lightly floured surface for about 20 minutes.

Recipe uzbek. Normally this bread is cooked inside a tandyr oven so the hotter the better. Cover and leave at room temperature for 5 minutes. Form each one into a flattened round.

Press the center forming a thicker layer of dough all around the perimeter. Growing up in Ukraine we cooked it almost every week and it is also loved by so many other nationalities. It involves a lot of vegetable cutting and about almost 2 hours to cook after the preparation is done.

Uzbek plov differs from other preparations in that rice is simmered in a broth of meat and vegetables called zirvak until the liquid evaporates. The recipe was invented hundreds of years ago as a way to preserve dairy products. To make the rounds divide the risen dough into four pieces and flatten them into rounds.

Cover and allow it to ferment at room temperature for 2 hours. Sofakli Palov - Samarkand Pilaff 1 kg 2 14 lb rice 400g 14 oz mutton or beef 800g 28 oz carrots 400g 14 oz onions 300g or 1 14 cup vegetable oil salt and spices to taste. Use a spoon and a bread stamp to decorate the surface.

At this point preheat the oven to 450 - 475 degrees F. As I mentioned above Uzbek people dont eat a lot of junk food and that includes chocolates too. Chickpeas raisins barberries or fruit may be added.

Ideal for the nomadic groups from this part of the world. Food in Uzbekistan- Deserts. Wash rice and place in cauldron with salty water and bring to a boil.

One of the rules for eating this Uzbek bread is that you should not cut it with a knife. When completely cooked drain the rice. Simple easy to find ingredients and outstanding taste has made this dish popular worldwide.

This bread must be torn into pieces instead. Uzbeks make it with with rice pieces of meat usually lamb carrots and onions. Uzbek Plov recipe is popular far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan.

For this bread I used a mixture of bread flour and whole spelt flour along with water and plain yogurt. Cook Time 1 hr 10 mins. Depress the center a bit as it doesnt need to rise as much.

If meat tends to stick on your hand just wet your palms with cold water. So thank you Uzbekistan for creating such a delicious recipe. Plov is cooked over an open fire in a kazan or deghi.

If Id have to describe it Id say its a mix between yogurt and cheese. This Uzbek dimlama recipe is an incredibly simple dish to make with amazing results. Mix minced meat rice melted butter salt pepper and cumin seeds and small egg all together.

Flatten each ball into a round. Dice the onions slice the carrots in long thin strips and cut the meat in big chunks On high heat heat the oil and add the meat until brown stirring frequently Add the onions continue frying When the onions are light brown add the carrots. Tender juicy lamb meat that melts in your mouth in a rich vegetable broth with soft carrots and potatoes.

But make sure that the result is well worth it. Prep Time 20 mins.

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