Lv Transformer Recipe

An LV Transformer is still necessary to convert the resulting Medium Voltage to Low Voltage if desired. Input 128 EUt Output 32 EUt x5 Step-up.

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Do not forget to apply redstone to the MV Transformer.

Lv transformer recipe. 3x Copper Ingot Tin Ingot 4x Bronze Ingot. Medium 128 EUt The LV Transformer is a machine added by Industrial Craft 2. LV Transformer could be created using recipe below.

Nak Coolant Cell 360k. Note that when using any Transformer the 5-dotted side means higher voltage and the 1-dotted sides mean lower voltage. Also with any cable if you split it into different directions each EU packet is split ie.

The Low Voltage Transformer is used to turn medium voltage EU current into low voltage and vice versa. By default the LV transformer will take a medium voltage current 128 EUt on the medium voltage face or the one with three dots. This is useful for powering basic machines from an MFE.

In order to convert from MV to HV point the cable carrying MV from an MFE Unit or an LV Transformer to one of the one-dotted sides and then link a cable that can carry HV to the 3-dotted side. Can accept up to 128MV EU as a max input. The Transformer is a block added by Immersive EngineeringThe Transformer allows for the conversion from the MV RF using MV Wire Coil to the LV RF using LV Wire Coil or from LV RF to MV RFThe Transformer limits the RF to the lowest wire in this case LV Wire Coil.

Good for stand alone power lines and in the crafting of Solar Arrays. 3x Copper Ingot Zinc Dust 4x Brass Ingot. Used to convert medium voltage to low voltage and back.

Input 32 EUt x5 Output 128 EUt. The MFE can also accept a Redstone input. In order to convert from LV to MV point the cable carrying LV from a BatBox or a Generator to one of the one-dotted sides and then link a cable that can carry MV from the 3-dotted side.

At least a Gold Cable is required to carry the output of an MFE directly. 3x Copper Ingot Zinc Ingot 4x Brass Ingot. The LV Transformer converts Medium Voltage 128 EUt to Low Voltage 32 EUt necessary for connecting Low Voltage machines to an MFE MFSU or any Medium Voltage generators.

Helium Coolant Cell 360k. The Transformer can be placed on the Wooden Post and when done so will shrink it and place one connector on top and the other. This current will destroy all first tier machines and Copper Cable if it is not first transformed with an LV Transformer.

Do not try to hook them up directly to the MFE Unit. To remove the Wire Coil from the HV Transformer use the Engineers Wire Cutters and right click the block corner closest to the connector on the HV Transformer to remove the wire. It transforms 128EUt to 32EUt.

Split 2 ways a packet of 32 eu is split to 16 EU to both cables 4 ways a packet of 32 splits to 8 EU to each cable ect. Input 128 EUt Output 32 EUt x5 Step-up. The LV Transformer is a very cheap transformer which is made from wood insulated Copper Cable and Copper.

HV is 129-512 EUt MV is 32-128 EUt LV is 1-32 EUt MV current must be wired into the Medium Voltage face the 3-dotted one while LV current can be wired into any other face. This can be avoided by using a BatBox or LV Transformer after every 4 cables. The MV Transformer converts High Voltage 512 EUt to Medium Voltage 128 EUt necessary for connecting Low and Medium Voltage machines to an MFSU or any High Voltage generators.

Recipe for Colored Wooden Planks. Input 32 EUt x5 Output 128 EUt. Usage Attach source of Medium Tier power to single-dot sides and then attach receptors for Low Tier power to multi-dots side.

The LV-Transformer is a block added by IndustrialCraft 2 used to convert Medium Voltage MV to Low Voltage LV and back. If a Redstone signal is applied to the LV Transformer the conversion works in. Recipe In-game LV-Transformer Step-down.

1 LV-Transformer 3 Insulated Copper Cable 1 Electronic Circuit 4 Wooden Planks MV Battery Station - The medium voltage battery station outputs energy in 128 EU packets and can drain energy crystals and other tier 2 power source items like the lappack plus tier 1 power sources. The MV Transformer is a machine added by Industrial Craft 2. To connect the Wire Coil to the HV Transformer right-click the block corner closest to the connector on the HV Transformer.

It will then output a low voltage current 32 EUt on the remaining faces. 4 Wooden Planks Special Notes The cluster of three dots represents the output. Ultra-Low-Current Cable and Copper Cable will burn.

Dont forget to apply Redstone to the LV Transformer. Recipe In-game LV-Transformer Step-down. 3 Copper Ingot 3.

Use an LV Transformer and make sure its facing the right way or else the machines will explode luckily the explosion is not as powerful as a creeper explosion and most likely wont destroy the machines around it.

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