Honey Strawberry Mint Smash

We square measure on our thanks to hotter weather sippin’ with this honey strawberry mint smash! Imagine yourself outside, enjoying the sunshine with a cocktail that’s full of contemporary strawberry and mint-infused flavor. barely of honey makes everything utterly sweet. That booze is beginning to kick in and you are feeling GOOD! All is true within the world.

 Honey Strawberry Mint Smash

It’s straightforward, easy, and a crowd entertainer. All you wish to try to to is muddle strawberries, mint, and honey along. Pour that mixture into your glasses, add your booze and ice, then high the remainder with sprite! If you don’t need things on the sweeter facet, swap our spiritual being with seltzer water and you're sensible to travel.

 Honey Strawberry Mint Smash


¼ cup strawberries
2 tbsp mint leaves
1 tbsp honey
1.5 oz vodka
crushed ice


Muddle the strawberries, mint, and honey together in a large glass. Add in your vodka.
Add ½ a cup of crushed ice and top off the glass with sprite. Stir and enjoy!

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